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About myself

26/01/2016 Main

Three Lions on a shirt! Ingerland, Ingerland, Ingerland!!! You get the picture? Nothing would give me more pleasure than seeing England lift a trophy. I go to all the games and know everything about the England football team. This is my blog so that you can hear all about it, if you are a huge football like me! My mates call me Kev!

Rare Adidas Predator at for-sale.co.uk

24/09/2015 Main

Adidas Predator; those iconic football boots that everyone wanted when they were first released and are still very popular today. 1994 saw the release of the very first pair, simply called Predator, and to this day there have been 12 different models, with many variations of each model. The boots have been at the forefront of football design for the past twenty years, which makes me feel old! In May of 2015, Adidas announced that they would be discontinuing production of the iconic boot, which has now insured its cult and legendary status. As you can see on their website http://www.adidas.com/us/predator Adidas talk of football evolving, and the evolution of the football boot, but we love the Predator and will always have a place in our hearts.

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England’s World Cup Record

22/04/2015 Main

We all know about that great year, 1966, when England, playing on home turf, won the World Cup. They even beat West Germany in the final. Doesn’t seem real to me. The Germans have had a hold on us ever since (bar the odd game) and it just sounds impossible that we could have beaten them in a WORLD CUP FINAL. I would cry. Probably for a long time. Then shout. A lot. Then hug strangers. You get the picture; I would be a very happy man.

So that famous day aside, I thought I would research England’s showings in other World Cups. The first one that came to mind was Italia 90. Read more

Looking Back at Brazil 2014

22/04/2015 Main

This entry is hard to do guys. Those horrible couple of weeks in the summer of 2014 are burnt into my brain, I was so excited (why, I don’t know, but it’s something that happens to English football fans at every major tournament), the World Cup comes around every four years and provides us with the pinnacle of the game we all love. I wanted to write this entry because I want to try and make sense of it all, now that I am not angry and upset about it! It’s only a game after all (said no one, ever).

The first game actually filled me with a bit of promise. We lost 2-1 to the Italians yes, but we played well and should not have conceded Balotelli’s goal (in hindsight we must have been really poor, considering his dire performances this season and lack of goals). It was just all about the next game, against Uruguay. Read more

Possible England 2018 Team

22/04/2015 Main


Hey guys. I’ve been thinking about this a bit recently and wanted to share my thoughts with you lot. Providing we qualify for the World Cup in Russia, here is team I would like to see there. Read more

The Road to 2016

22/04/2015 Main

Ultimate England World Cup Eleven

22/04/2015 Main

Hey guys. Football has of course been dominating my thoughts again today and I have been looking at England’s World Cup squads throughout history. We have had some incredible players over the years and here is my ‘Ultimate World Cup 11’. Will of course only feature players to play at a World Cup.

Here goes… Read more